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  • Version: 4.4.350 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
  • Release Date: 2011-09-20
  • File Size: 6.5 MB
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Cozi
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    Jun 27 '12
    Version 4.4.350
    Jan 17 '12
    Version 4.3.310
    Dec 14 '11
    Version 4.3.301
    Oct 14 '11
    Version 4.2.280
    Sep 20 '11
    Version 4.1.276
  • Make your phone the ultimate family organizer. T-Mobile® presents MobileLife® Family Organizer. It makes managing your family's busy schedules super easy with a centralized calendar, shopping lists, to-do lists, and a family journal that everyone can share on the go.

    Here are key features and what you can do with it:

    • Calendar
    Start a shared centralized family calendar you can manage right from your phone. Add an appointment and it uploads to your account so everyone can see it. Set reminders that are sent by text or email so no one misses soccer practice or an important appointment.

    • Shopping Lists
    Add shared shopping lists the whole family can access from their phone on the go. Retrieve them when you're at the grocery store—easily cross off items and add new ones while you shop. No more coming home with everything but the one thing you needed.

    • To Do Lists
    Create a shared to do list or an individual chore list. You'll have your to do items right there in your pocket to remind yourself.

    • Family Journal
    Jot down a memory with the family journal as it happens. Add a photo from your gallery, or take a new one—all while you're on the move. The journal is designed especially for busy families, so it's quick and easy to keep favorite memories you don't want to forget.

    Additionally, MobileLife Family Organizer is accessible from the web at “” Not only can you easily configure other internet calendars to synchronize with MobileLife Family Organizer but also to manage email distribution lists to share your family journal newsletter through the web access.

    If you have any suggestions or feedback for MobileLife Family Organizer, you can send us an email at “”

    Or visit FAQs on T-Mobile Support Community at “”

    • MobileLife is your personal cloud from T-Mobile.
    • Access to MobileLife Family Organizer requires registration and you only need one account for the whole family. You can add up to 11 additional family members total to the account by selecting the “Setting” option on the “HOME” screen.
    • MobileLife Family Organizer works over wireless or Wi-Fi network.
MobileLife® Family Organizer What's New
- New! Notify Family feature - offers a fast and easy way to notify family members that you've arrived at an appointment
- Improved calendar view for MobileLife Plus (ad-free MobileLife) accounts - you can now see your dinner plan directly in your calendar
- Addressed minor calendar bugs reported by users
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